Inevitable Time is ready for the world!

Immerse yourself in an enthralling journey five thousand years back, to a time of mystic heroes, to the ancient epic Mahabharata. Experience the fabled history, which culminates in a colossal eighteen-day war, raged between family, friends, gurus and disciples for the sake of righteousness and the throne. Feel a mother’s heartache, find the freedom in surrender of a warrior princess, hear absolute wisdom from the Supreme Lord, enter the blood swept planes of the Kurukshetra battlefield, become awestruck at the Universal Form and pay your respects to a fallen warrior breathing his last.

You might have heard of my collaboration with Radha Krishna-Records on creating an epic Mahabharata-themed album, called ‘Inevitable Time’. I have had so much encouragement from all my friends and loved ones during this work and now the music is completed and the artwork is done too! Please have a listen to the song and see for yourself if you’d like to become an integral part of this project by helping us release it into the world. Visit our campaign to pre-order a copy of the CD and posters of the original artwork at Indiegogo.