‘If you simply hear…’

“In whatever condition you are, that doesn’t matter. ‘Oh, I am a very poor man.’ That doesn’t matter. ‘Oh, I am a very rich man.’ That doesn’t matter. ‘Oh, I am European.’ It doesn’t matter. ‘I am Indian.’ Doesn’t matter. ‘I am born very low.’ Oh, doesn’t matter. Anything, unconditional. You remain whatever you are; that doesn’t matter. If you simply hear, sthāne sthitāḥ śruti-gatām, if you simply give your aural reception to these transcendental words, the result will be that God, who can never be conquered, you’ll conquer God. How you conquer? You will conquer by love. God cannot be conquered, but He can be conquered by love.” 

(Srilal Prabhupada; Bhagavad-gita lecture, N.Y., Oct. ’66)